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Great business begins with a great first impression

Digital business cards offer a convenient and efficient way to connect with potential clients and partners. By simply tapping their smartphone to the card, the recipient can instantly access your contact information, website, social media profiles, and more. This not only saves time, but also makes a lasting impression on your audience. With NFC business cards, you can showcase your brand and stay connected with ease, no matter where you are.

Business cards that are as dynamic as you are

headshot, your logo and slick design templates. New job title? New logo? No problem. Update your card instantly in your Optimi Amici account.

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Digital business cards offer a modern, convenient, and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional paper cards, providing accessibility, customization, interactivity, and cost-effectiveness. Embracing digital business cards can enhance networking efforts in today’s digital landscape.

Frequently asked questions

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Digital business cards offer several benefits over traditional paper-based cards:

  1. Accessibility: They can be accessed anytime, anywhere, through smartphones or online platforms.

  2. Eco-Friendly: They eliminate paper waste and contribute to a greener environment.

  3. Cost-Effective: No printing or design costs are involved, and updates are easy and inexpensive.

  4. Interactivity: They allow for clickable links, videos, and engaging content.

  5. Analytics: You can track engagement and gather insights on user interactions.

  6. Flexibility: Easily customize designs and update information.

NFC business cards work by tapping them against an NFC-enabled device, allowing for the transfer of encoded information such as contact details or website links. It offers a convenient and interactive way to share and access information digitally.

NFC, or “Near Fields Communication,” business cards are available from Optimi Amici for you and your group. Every NFC card has an integrated chip that can be connected to your digital business card from Optimi Amici.

It really is as simple as magic to share your information by tapping the card on a user’s compatible smartphone, which will then display a link containing your Optimi Amici card. NFC cards are now available for purchase on our website.

All current cellphones are compatible with the Optimi Amici Digital Business Card’s Tap or Scan capability.

NFC-enabled smartphones are compatible with the tap function.

iPhones released after 2018
Nearly all Android phones
Please have your client scan the QR code on the back of your card for any other phones.

Yes! Our incredible in-house graphic design team will make sure that your logo and artwork appear flawlessly on the card. 

Shortly after your purhcase you can send us your logo, artwork, headshot or any image to jsut add your name on the subject line. We have different designs that you can choose from. Please make sure to send high quality files for best result. 

Orders are processed within 48 hrs from time of purchase.

Shipping whithin Canada will take 3-5 business days.

International shipping may take 5-10 business days.

If you misplace your business card, you can safeguard your data by accessing your account and selecting the “deactivate” option. This action renders the card ineffective and ensures the security of your information.